13.06 - 15.09.19


Le jour des esprits est
notre nuit (The day of the spirits is our night)


With Lazara Rosell Albear & Sammy Baloji, Meris Angioletti, Minia Biabiany, Oier Etxeberria, Tamar Guimarães & Kasper Akhøj, Sheroanawë Hakihiiwë, Candice Lin, Sean Lynch, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz.


Curated by Catalina Lozano and Elfi Turpin.


Opening Garden Party on Thursday, June 13th at 7.30 pm.


Free shuttle from Art Basel, departure at the corner of Bleichestrasse & Isteinerstrasse at 7 pm, return to Basel (via Mulhouse) at 10.30 pm.



Press contact - press file available upon request:
Richard Neyroud,




Fresco of the Malinalco convent, 16th century, detail.




Les jour des esprits est notre nuit (The day of the spirits) is our night gathers artists interested in practices of exchange with the invisible; artists who study strategies of resistance to a modernity that separates dream from reality, subject from object, future from present. When the day of the spirits is our night, we heal, we discern, we predict, we communicate with the entangled beings who people the reality of our dreams.