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Become a Very Important Partner !

The CRAC Alsace is a research and creation place whose main mission is to introduce contemporary art to a wider audience.

- a place of création CRAC Alsace proposes exhibitions, productions of works, publications and events

- a place oftransmission CRAC Alsace offers workshops for children, for teenagers, thematic tours for all ages, etc..

- a place of diffusion CRAC Alsace has a wide Library built thanks to exchanges of books and catalogs with other art centers

The CRAC Alsace is also member of several associations as Versant Est ( the contemporary art network in Alsace), DCA (Association of développement of art centers) or international networks like ICOM.


With its notoriety on the world stage of contemporary art in Alsace, supported by three institutional guardianship (General Council of Haut-Rhin, Alsace Regional Council , Ministry of Culture and communication) and the city of Altkirch, CRAC Alsace wishes to open up to private companies to bring a new dynamism and to facilitate the meeting between the world of art and the enterprises.


The building, constructed in 1889 by German architect Kessler is Wilhelminian style. The exhibition space is composed of eight showrooms (700 m2 in total) , each room has its own character, with a ceiling height of 4.50m on average. Previously, those areas were classrooms. They are distributed through wide hallways.


Large windows facing north, let the sun shine in. Since the windows, the view of a garden and further on the Vosges, gives the visitor the impression of being at once inside and outside the building.





Wishing to combine the dynamism of the business world and the contemporary creation, the CRAC Alsace is committed to create links between one and another. Recent surveys show that the French love of contemporary art, and, as evidenced by the health of the art market, the growing interest for contemporary artists is undeniable. Strong recent tax provisions in favor of cultural patronage and examples of Swiss and German neighbors, we are convinced that the synergy between dynamic and innovative capacity of firms and contemporary creation are possible, necessary and beneficial. We therefore propose to partner CARC or throughout the year by joining our club business, or occasionally by supporting one of our projects.


Your support can concern different kind of projects: exhibitions, productions, editions, educational workshops. It can be a partnership, a financial sponsorship or an exchange of skills.

In return, you can:

> have your logo on all CRACs communication supports

> have the opportunity to organize events in our local

> enjoy meetings between all the CRACs partners during a guided tour of an ehibition, a wine tasting...

> have private tours of the exhibition for your company or your partners

> meet the artists (during a preview visit exhibitions, etc.) > collect original works produced specially for the exhibitions

> collect original works produced specially for the exhibitions


The tax benefits associated with sponsorship

The Law of 1 August 2003 on sponsorship allows you to deduct 60% of the donation (with exhibitions, production aid) given the amount of corporate income tax. Example: For a donation of 10,000 Euros = 6000 Euros déductible. Buying original work of living artists is also allowed as a deduction from taxable income of companies.

Elli Humbert , Head of exhibitions and public relation